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Ed.Trefor Evans and R. Randall Wickett

Allured Books 2012


The definitive guide for translating hair science into practical application. This is not just a reference book. It will not collect dust on your shelf - you will USE this book.  This book includes the underlying fundamental science of hair while recognizing that the ultimate reason for acquiring this knowledge relates to creating successful products and meeting the needs of the consumer. It covers long-standing subjects and current issues in hair care including heat protection, shine, hold and color intensity and retention. It respects historical literature, while drawing attention to recent learning—combining tried-and-true science with cutting-edge innovation.

In Practical Aspects of Cosmetic Testing

Ed. J.W. Fluhr, Springer Press 2010


This chapter attempts to familiarize the reader with the science of hair and hair care, while outlining approaches and techniques for evaluating both consumer and technical aspects of performance. The development of hair care products is strongly marketing driven, and consequently the language of the industry is that of the consumer.

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