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Anti-frizz Claim Substantiation Testing


This test quantifies the amount of frizz that is generated in straightened hair upon exposure to elevated relative humidity.  Consumers whose style creation process involves straightening hair are frequently troubled by frizz. The cause of this occurrence predominantly relates to re-adsorption of moisture from the environment which leads to progressive reversion of the water-set. This occurrence is exacerbated by high humidity conditions, where especially high levels of adsorption lead to increased plasticization and more-rapid style loss.


Testing involves the use of an image analysis method to track the increase in volume of frizzy tresses after exposure to elevated humidity conditions. After treatment with the appropriate product regimes, these hair tresses are typically straightened using a commercial straightening iron or a hair drier. The straightened tresses are maintained at low humidity.  High quality photographs are acquired to characterize the initial state of the tresses. The humidity is then raised to an elevated level and additional photographs are taken as a function of time.


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